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Glen Freaney

Glen FreaneyName: Glen Freaney
Died: May 13, 2010
Age at death: 11
Cause of death: Murder (Strangulation)
Location: Penarth Vale, Glamorgan, Wales, UK

Glen was killed by his mother, who pled guilty to manslaughter and was allowed to go free with a supervision order; the judged claimed that she "had suffered enough".

Glen had autism, diagnosed at age 4, and needed help with most ADLs. In the only photo available on the Internet, he is smiling awkwardly, holding a small silver trophy and a watercolor painting. It is also mentioned that he had learned how to ride a bike, and used a VOCA communication device.

Glen lived in a house so cluttered and dirty it was described as "unlivable", and his father has admitted to being a "wife-beater". He is survived by three siblings.

"Glen Freaney", Find a Grave
"Despairing mother who strangled autistic son walks free from court", Daily Mail
Tags: child, family involved, location: uk, murder, neglect
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