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Robert Robinson

Robert RobinsonName: Robert Robinson
Died: April 3, 2014
Age at death: 16
Cause of death: Murder (Poisoning)
Location: Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

16-year-old Robert was killed by his mother, who killed him and then herself with a lethal dose of tranquilizer.

News coverage on the murder-suicide has focused almost entirely on the "lack of services" cited in the mother's suicide note. There's not much about who Robbie Robinson was, except that he and his mother liked to hike a trail by the ocean.

Prince Rupert RCMP confirm murder-suicide in Ebert Street deaths
Social services for families with autistic children called into question following murder-suicide involving mother and son
Murder-suicide of B.C. autistic teen by his mother reignites debate over caregiver support
Prince Rupert mom left murder-suicide note saying she could no longer care for severely autistic son
Tags: family involved, location: canada, murder-suicide, teenager

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