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Antonio Brooks

Name: Antonio J. Brooks
Died: October 28, 2013
Age at death: 14
Cause of death: Ruptured stomach and dehydration from untreated peritonitis
Location: Hampton, Virginia, USA

14-year-old Antonio was the big brother to four younger siblings, and their father had custody.

For the two days before he died, Antonio would not eat, and had been throwing up. Already very thin at 75 pounds (the lowest 5% for boys his age), Antonio became badly dehydrated as his belly swelled until it looked like he was pregnant. But his father did not seek medical help for Antonio, even though he knew that the boy needed a doctor.

When his father finally called for help, Antonio was dead. His stomach had ruptured in two places due to peritonitis, an inflammation of the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal cavity) usually caused by untreated appendicitis or trauma to the abdomen. His death was ruled a homicide.

Antonio's father has been charged with felony child neglect and involuntary manslaughter.

Father arrested after son’s death ruled a homicide
Documents: Hampton father did not get medical attention for son
Testimony: Hampton boy's death could have been prevented
Tags: family involved, location: usa, neglect, teenager

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