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Mary Stack and Francis Stack Jr.

Name: Francis "Frankie" Stack Jr. (Autistic)
Age at death: 48

Name: Mary Stack (Autistic)
Age at death: 57

Name: Joan Stack (Mother)
Age at death: 82

Died: August 30, 2014
Cause of death: Murder (Gunshot)
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Mary Stack and Francis Stack Jr. lived in assisted housing, and often visited with their parents in the Chicago suburb of Elmhurst. Mary liked magazines, especially magazines with babies in them; she also liked action movies and music.

On the day of their death, Mary and Frankie had been taken to the family home by their father. Their father shot them, their mother Joan (neurotypical, age 82 and had arthritis and cancer), and then himself. A few months before, he had told a neighbor that he "didn't think anyone else could take care of their children as well as he did" and that "it would be nice if we all went together".

When told about her death, Mary's roommate immediately pointed to a portrait of Mary's parents and angrily demanded it be taken down. At Frankie's group home, a non-verbal housemate immediately began sobbing, heartbroken to lose Frankie.

Editor's note: I'd like to emphasize that these siblings were living in residential care outside the family home, as well as government support. That means that their father had options other than killing his children--he just chose not to take them. Faced with losing control of his family, he killed them.

Four Dead In Elmhurst Murder-Suicide
Disabled children killed in Elmhurst murder-suicide
Elmhurst couple in murder-suicide were doting parents: neighbors
Four Bodies in Elmhurst
Tags: adult, family involved, location: usa, multiple murder, murder-suicide

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