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Carl Gregory

Photo of Carl Gregory. He is in his late teens, with short brown hair, fair skin, brown eyes, and fuzz on his chin. His face is somewhat asymmetrical and he is smiling slightly.Name: Carl Gregory.
Died: October 4, 2016.
Age at death: 20.
Cause of death: Murder (Beaten, strangled).
Location: Broadstairs, England, UK.

His family describes Carl Gregory as a very typical 20-year-old who loved gaming, modern technology, and Pokémon Go. He had a girlfriend named Chloe, with whom he'd broken up; but they had remained friends and were considering going back to dating again. He was a Marlowe Academy graduate who worked as an online personal shopper for Sainsbury's.

Carl may have been playing Pokémon Go when he was out in a supermarket parking lot. Two men, acquaintances of his, attacked and killed him by beating and strangling him. Initially called "the first Pokémon Go murder" and widely covered, Carl's death fell out of the media spotlight when Chloe and his family explained that the mobile game had nothing to do with the murder. Apparently, Carl had shared a tasteless meme on Facebook, and the bullies decided that this was grounds for murder.

The prosecutor in the case has stated that he believes there were "elements of vulnerability" involved in the murder because of Carl's Asperger syndrome.

John Dickson and Christopher Pollard in court accused of murdering Carl Gregory near Westwood Cross
Carl Gregory 'murder' in Broadstairs: Girlfriend's tributes as Pokemon Go connection is ruled out
Carl Gregory is beaten to death in car park 'in fight over Pokemon Go'
Murdered Carl Gregory argued with girlfriend over smartphone game just hours before his death
Pokemon Go murder: Two charged over Carl Gregory murder in Broadstairs, Kent
Two men have been charged with the murder of Carl Gregory in Westwood
UPDATE: Two men charged with murder following the death of Carl Gregory in Broadstairs are due to appear in court this morning
Pair deny killing Pokemon Go fan who died in girlfriend's arms at shopping mall
Ramsgate's Carl Gregory was 'murdered over a Facebook picture'
Autistic man 'murdered by pair over Facebook pic of woman jumping over penises'
Man choked to death in car park 'after Facebook row with ex'
As it happened: Updates from the murder trial of the pair alleged to have killed Carl Gregory
Alleged murderer John Dickson tells of Carl Gregory's final moments in Broadstairs car park
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